Smooth and straight driving is the norm for a well-maintained vehicle. However, when your car starts veering to the right or left, it’s a signal that something might be amiss. The causes can range from minor issues to more serious concerns, impacting both convenience and safety. In this guide, we explore common culprits that lead to your car’s unsettling drift and why it’s crucial to address them promptly.

Wheel Alignment:

  • Misaligned wheels are a primary culprit for your car veering to one side.
  • Poorly maintained roads and occasional curb encounters can throw off your alignment over time.
  • Regular wheel alignment checks at a service center ensure optimal performance and a centered steering wheel.


  • Tires play a crucial role in maintaining your car’s direction on the road.
  • Uneven wear or low tire pressure can lead to drifting issues.
  • Regular tire rotations and pressure checks are essential to prevent uneven wear and maintain steering control.


  • Brake problems can cause your car to pull to one side during braking.
  • Damaged brake components or unevenly worn brake pads/rotors may be the culprits.
  • Regular brake maintenance, cleaning, and timely repairs are crucial for preventing veering issues.


  • A compromised suspension system can lead to one side pulling.
  • Damaged or malfunctioning suspension components affect comfort, handling, and safety.
  • Addressing suspension issues early is vital to prevent shaky handling, premature tire wear, and unsafe driving conditions.

In the hands of our skilled Modica Bros. automotive technicians, unwanted pulling issues become a thing of the past. Our quick and effective diagnostic procedures ensure your safety and control on the road. Whether it’s wheel alignment, tire maintenance, brake issues, or suspension concerns, our team of experts can pinpoint the problem and recommend the necessary repairs. Don’t wait for a minor concern to escalate; address veering issues promptly to avoid significant and costly repairs down the road. Your safety is our priority.