Experience a consistently cool and comfortable ride throughout the year! Have you ever faced air conditioning issues with your car or truck? If you have, you know how uncomfortable it can be, especially during the scorching summer months. Don’t endure sweating in a hot vehicle; instead, let our skilled experts at Modica Bros. restore the coolness to your ride, allowing you to enjoy the open road. We specialize in AC repairs and AC recharges, so why wait… don’t forget to ask about our Lifetime AC Recharge!

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If you’re hearing unusual noises through your vents, detecting unexplained odors, or experiencing inconsistent temperatures, we recommend having our experts take a look to keep you and your family cool all year long.

Several factors could impede your AC from performing at its best, including clogs, leaks, broken belts, improper refrigerant levels, or a damaged compressor. Detecting damage or leaks in your vehicle’s AC system sooner rather than later can save you both time and money, ensuring a cool and worry-free experience for everyone in your car.

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Get the services you need today and pay overtime. Take advantage of our flexible financing options for tire purchases, brake repairs, or any essential services to ensure your vehicle operates at its optimum performance.