Modica Bros. is here to offer top-notch auto repair and maintenance services at any of our nine locations in Southeast Texas. Our goal is to ensure that your vehicle operates seamlessly and efficiently every time you hit the road.

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A regular tune-up is your shield against major engine problems, identifying and replacing worn components such as fuel filters and spark plugs. Consistent tune-ups enhance efficiency, preserve fuel mileage, and extend your vehicle’s life.

Symptoms that indicate your vehicle needs a tune-up:

  • Airflow issues
  • Engine sounds like knocks or pings
  • Slow acceleration
  • Noticeable electrical issues
  • Poor gasoline mileage

Our certified technicians provide a comprehensive tune-up service, including:

  • Inspection of all fluid levels
  • Replacement of air filters, plugged valves, and spark plugs/wires as needed
  • Examination and installation of a new rotor if the old one has cracks, burning, or carbon build-up
  • Checking the valve-cover gasket and adjusting the valves
  • Switching out the gas filters

Tune-ups can prolong your vehicle’s life and save you money. Call us today with one of our expert technicians to avoid major vehicle problems and protect your vehicle’s longevity.


Ensuring the optimal care of your vehicle involves timely repair and maintenance. With years of experience, we’ve conducted countless manufacturer-recommended inspections, precisely identifying and addressing potential issues. Offering competitive prices, friendly service, and delivering professional, high-quality work, our Mile Inspections involve a thorough check for worn parts and potential hazards, safeguarding your journey down the road.

  • 30,000 Mile Service 
  • 60,000 Mile Service 
  • 90,000 Mile Service

Timing Belt Replacement Services

Replacing the timing belt is a vital maintenance task for your vehicle. Generally recommended around the 100,000-mile mark, although some cars use timing chains instead. While timing chains can stretch or break, causing potential noise, it’s essential to consult your car’s owner’s manual for the specific timing belt replacement schedule. Addressing this maintenance is crucial as it can swiftly lead to engine damage and loss of synchronization without warning.

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